The Turnchapel Pong Reporting scheme has now closed

Since the 1990s, Turnchapel has been plagued by 'nasty niffs' from South West Water's sewerage system. Despite plenty of 'reactive' works taking place over the years, nothing seems to have cracked the problem. In September 2021, TRA began working directly with Guy Doble, SWW's Director of Waste Water Services, and his team. They lacked accurate data about exactly where the problem was occurring, so TRA established the Pong Reporting Scheme to help residents and visitors alike make geotagged reports aimed at helping SWW diagnose the root causes and essentially to dig in the right place.

The scheme ran for twelve months from 6 March 2022 to 26 March 2023. During that period, we received around 160 Pong Reports.

An analysis is being performed, and will be published here before being presented to SWW. In the meantime, if you wish to report a pong incident to SWW, please use the button below and choose your preferred channel to make a report.

Complain To SWW

Important: To make sure that our reports do not get 'lost', SWW has allocated us a reference number. Please make sure you use – Turnchapel Pong report, Ref. No. 9963449. If there is an emergency you must contact SWW directly by telephone on their 24 Hour Emergency helpline: Tel: 0344 346 2020


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.pdf format PowerPoint, presented at the TRA village meeting on 13th January 2022 and amended to 3rd February; opens in new window.