Reporting Pongs — Frequently Asked Questions

About the form

Turnchapel Residents' Association (TRA) recognises that we as a village have our part to play in helping SWW solve the longstanding sewage smell problem. TRA has established a sub-committee to work with SWW and liaise with Mr Guy Doble, SWW's Director of Waste Water Services. This form is an attempt to constructively support SWW in solving the pong problem, maybe once-and-for-all, by providing the detailed information they need to diagnose and fix it.
If you have any questions regarding the form or the work of the Turnchapel Pong sub-committee, they should be addressed to the secretary.

How to use the form

Simply answer the questions and press the 'SEND REPORT' button. The information you provide will be sent on to South West Water by email, and securely logged-into our own database so we have a detailed record of incidents. Being able to look at the pattern of exactly where and when incidents occur will give SWW the best chance of solving this longstanding problem.

Why use the form?

Be part of the solution!
The Turnchapel pong continues to plague the village because it has proved difficult to solve. One of the main problems is that there has not been enough detailed and specific information available to the engineers. There is no 'easy fix', but this form allows villagers to help SWW solve the problem by providing detailed information about EVERY episode. Accurately linking pong incidents to where they are experienced, and time-stamping them, will allow SWW to cross-reference against weather, tides and their own technical records, all of which will aid in diagnosis.

What is an 'odour incident'?

We all know that the pong situation in Turnchapel goes back many years; so in a sense, all pong incidentss are 'existing'. But as we also know, it comes and goes, and SWW needs to see the pattern of each new 'wave' of incidents to better diagnose the problem. That's why its important they know, when an incident is reported, whether they have already recently been told about it or if it is really new and unreported.

What if I don't want to use the form?

You certainly don't have to — you can also call, email or message SWW directly on social media (see if you prefer. But this form not only helps SWW, by collecting the information they need to diagnose the problem, it also helps raise the importance of the problem in their eyes, by aggregating all reports through the same 'channel'. Lastly, because we are logging reports in a database, we are amassing 'ammunition' should any future proceedings become necessary.
If you prefer not to use the form, please just make sure at least that you provide as much useful information as possible to SWW, and that you include our 'umbrella' reference number (9963449) in your report.


This form allows the user to select street addresses from a drop down list. The purpose of this is to be able to associate a geographical position with each incident report, to assist SWW in diagnosing and solving the problem. Street addresses are in the public domain and do not legally constitute 'personal information'. The form also records respondents' name and email address, which do constitute 'personal information'. There is no link between the geographical and personal information. Recording personal information is necessary for submitting a report and is collected for the sole purpose of allowing form submission. The personal information is sent on to SWW by plain text email (to and is stored in an encrypted database under the control of TRA.
If you have any questions about this, please contact the secretary